Call it a rose all you want, it still reeks!

Posted on April 7, 2010



You can swear that a vat full of raw sewage is really pure mountain spring water. I still ain’t drinking it! The stench gives it away, no matter how many aromatic words it’s labeled with.

ObamaCare is chocked full of issues that American’s have serious and legitimate problems with. But hearing Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) try to the sell us the snake oil and tell us it’s not putrid just raised my hackles another degree. If you’re going to be brazen enough to ram this farce down American’s throats, at least have the brass orbs to be honest about it.

In the April 8, 2010 broadcast of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Wasserman Schultz said she had been challenged during a recent town hall meeting as to what gave the government the right to demand all citizens purchase health insurance.

Not to worry, the representative assured viewers. No one will be required to carry insurance. But those who don’t had better expect to be “assessed differently” when tax day rolls around.

“We did not require, in this legislation, Americans to have health care,” said Wasserman-Schultz. “What we did was established a different treatment via your tax return, just like the difference between married people and unmarried people, or people who have children and don’t, or homeowners and renters. So if you choose not to have health care, you can do that. But, you just need to understand that you’re going to be treated differently on your tax return at the end of the year. You’ll be assessed differently than you would have if you carry health care.”

That message is pretty clear. Toe the line, or pay anyway. Americans for Tax Reform contributor Ryan Ellis points to page 322 of the Senate bill (the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) , where the details of collection are spelled out. Such a tax (penalty, fee, assessment – whathaveyou) also negates Obama’s oft-repeated pledge to not tax those making less than $250K per year.

The tax/penalty/fee/assessment explains adding 16,000-plus new IRS agents. Oh, wait. Those are ‘jobs created’ in a downed economy. That’s Hope, right?

Big Brother says, “You will buy the health insurance. You will prove to Us that you have the health insurance. If you do not buy the health insurance, or can’t prove it, you will be charged the penalty, collected via the taxes. And you will be happy about it. You will thank Us for it, because in the end, We know what’s best for you.”

Wasserman-Schultz and the Obamaniods can try to cover the scent by using sweeter wording. But the odor persists, as those who voted for the monstrous health insurance bill will hopefully  find out at the polls in November. The stench clings and lingers, spreading throughout the house.

Call it what you will: rebranding, rephrasing, outright misdirecting. It still comes down to the federal government trying to rub America’s collective nose in a steaming pile of legislative dung, expecting the taxpayers to foot the bill for it.

The smell is repugnant.

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