Arizona takes a stand, Texas may follow

Posted on April 29, 2010


Arizona recently passed tough state laws that will enable the state to deal with criminal illegal immigrants.

Much hubris has ensued from Gov. Jan Brewer’s signing of the measure, a law that enjoys 70 percent approval from the citizens who actually live in Arizona. Unfortunately, several well-known faces are trying to scare Latinos by distorting the facts.

Our Dear Leader  Obama went so far as to say a legal citizen of Hispanic heritage would be stopped on the street taking his family out for ice-cream, with a demand to ‘show me your papers.’ Honestly, this is a stretch even for the Liberal-in-Chief.

While critics spew nonsense and try to incite fear in the legal Hispanic-American population of the state, the law in truth doesn’t single out Latinos for racial profiling.

What it does is allow officers to check suspected lawbreakers (must have created a reasonable suspicion, like getting pulled over for traffic violations) to see if they have any legal documentation. Oooh, how ‘1984’, right?

With the pro-illegal rioteers still raising hell in Arizona, San Fransisco mayor Gavin Newsom calling for a boycott of the state and the lamestream media ignoring the violence of the “mostly peaceful” protests of the measure, other states like Texas are looking into enacting similar legislation.

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I couldn’t help respond to a recent comment on the issue at Pat Dollard’s Young Americans Documentary

In the comment, the individual assumes that we should all just keep our noses out of the issue, since it’s none of our business.

As so eloquently stated by ‘Its Me’ on April 28th:

“Excuse me but all our ancestors came from another country and were at one time were immigrants. How dare you ignorant people say that we should execute and send off babies. ( I bet you people go to church ) Every life has a value and unless they are breaking laws what is your business? Even then what is your business ? I think if everyone was concerned about themselves people would be a lot better off. I am against Texas doing such stupidity especially since so many jobs that you stuck up people won’t do, the “Mexicans” do for you. Again, I agree about the lawbreakers, but they are plenty of American’s that are more stupid, have no motivation to work, and are a waste of a human life, but we don’t deport them. Use your brains!!!”

I’m sorry, ‘Its Me’, but it IS my business. And ‘using my brains’, I’ll tell you why…

My posted reply:

While “all our ancestors were immigrants” (except for those of us whose ancestors were Native Americans)since the USA became a nation, most all of those immigrants came here through LEGAL process. I’m NOT anti-immigrant. If you want to be an American, you must respect America and her laws. Mexico demands visitors do the same, with a mandatory 2-year prison sentence for illegals.

As to the anchor baby issue, the babies have not done anything, and certain comments above (posted by others) were out of line. But would the non-citizen mothers prefer their citizen children to stay here in foster care, or to go back home with them to their country of origin? As a parent, I would chose the latter. Then again, I wouldn’t place my child in such a situation by my own actions, either.

It is our business to insist those coming here do so legally. Entering and staying in a sovereign country in defiance of its immigration laws IS breaking the law. Because we are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, a nation based on equal treatment under the law. EACH of us has a responsibility to hold our government accountable for its actions. Or, case in point, its inactions. We can’t cherry-pick which laws we are to obey and ignore the rest of them.

The problems caused by illegal immigration affect ALL of us: municipalities and states that bear financial burden; taxpayers who fund social programs; immigrant him/herself who often must allow themselves to be little more than slaves.

As for the “doing the jobs you stuck up people won’t do,” ask any hard-working construction laborer what happened to the job market and wages when illegal workers started driving down the price. With skyrocketing unemployment, I’m sure some American can do the job.

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As for the proposed boycott of Arizona and its products, the SanFran mayor may have done the state more good than harm. Pro-legal bloggers, tweeters and commentators have taken Newsom’s challenge as a positive sign. “Visit Arizona – now liberal-free!”

Since Newsom wants a boycott of Arizona, and openly supports illegal immigrants, why doesn’t he invite the 400,000 illegals in Arizona to his sanctuary city? Would he sing the same tune if they all showed up on his doorstep?

Personally, I think it’s time to finally take that long-overdue vacation. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Gavin, baby, you can keep your bridge!

The bottom line is that states have a right and a duty to protect their citizens. We have three layers of government: local, state and federal. Each is supposed to act as a protector of the people. The federal government has shown its unwillingness to protect the citizens from the social, economic and even physical threats caused by the illegal infiltration of our nation. It’s up to the states.