Texas Burning Down, Yet Denied Major Disaster Declaration

Posted on May 10, 2011


2.2 billion acres burnt or burning…

400 homes destroyed…

2 firefighters lost to the fight…

And yet…

Texas Denied Major Disaster Declaration.

1 good question:

President Obama, what more do Texans have to endure before  you think they deserve a Major Disaster Declaration?

How bad must it be, when tornadic storms of April are seen as a respite?

The folks in Glade Spring, Virginia are scratching their heads as well. Despite losing 10 lives, 200 homes and sustaining damage to more than 1,000 other homes, the POTUS decided they were unworthy of federal disaster assistance, as well.

I understand there were areas that had more widespread damage during the April 25- 28 storm outbreak that ravaged the South. We lost a house and barn ourselves here in Tennessee, though thankfully, we were still about a week from moving in and weren’t in the structure.

But both Texas and the Southwest Virginia have suffered from devastating natural events beyond their control.

Which begs the question: how much more disaster is required?