“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson.

For too long, those who would erode our freedoms, restrict our rights, have carried the conversation and directed the dialogue.

No more.

Liberty can’t exist without those willing to stand up, to speak up on her behalf. But to speak with effect, first we must think out our stance. We must arm ourselves with fact and reason, let logic and persistence be our swords.

America is the best country on Earth. In no other country do citizens enjoy such freedoms and protection of rights as in the United States. Is it perfect? No, but it is the best thing going on this little spinning planet.

It falls upon us, the sons and daughters of those who fought and bled and died to make America the ‘Land of Liberty’, to preserve that heritage and secure those liberties for our children’s children.

We must no longer rely on the ‘good sense’ of others when combating the thieves of our freedoms. “Someone Else” isn’t going to stand up and challenge the socialist agenda, the mainstream media, the progressive leftists, those who would model our nation after the states in Europe or Asia… failed states whose children have sought our shores for a better life.

We… You and I… must speak up in Liberty’s defense. Because if We rely on someone else to stand up and defend our freedom, it may forever fall silent.

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  1. Nicely stated Lady Liberty! One solution is to oust career politicians on both sides of the isle. It seems the conservatives are willing to eat their own, but the liberals want to maintain the status quo. Red dog out….


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