Streamlining Our Freedom Away… S.679 Must Not Pass!

Posted on April 29, 2011


Following is an open letter to Tennessee’s Senator Lamar Alexander, who has chosen to co-sponsor this piece of dangerous legislation.

For details of the appointments the Senate would no longer bother to approve, click here.

For the list of Senators sponsoring S.679, click here. If either of your senators is a co-sponsor, please contact them, and urge them to remove their support for S.679.

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29 April 2011

Dear Senator Alexander:

I’m compelled to express my severe disappointment and outrage regarding your decision to co-sponsor Senate Bill S.679.

The “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011” is an affront to the principles of freedom, regardless of which political party sits in the Oval Office.

Senator, I’m simply baffled by your actions. By removing senate approval from the process of placing these unelected officials, this legislation effectively and efficiently streamlines the American people right out of the very processes that govern our lives.

“…By and with the advice and consent of the Senate”…these are more than just words, sir. They are the line of defense between those who consent to be governed and those who wield regulatory power over our lives.

“The advice and consent of the Senate” is deeper than asking a handful of men and women to review resumes.

Must I remind you of the reason to require senate approval of presidential appointees? Those of you in the Senate act as a safeguard, a check to balance the absolute power of one man. The people appointed to the posts named in this bill have a very real and direct influence over the regulations and procedures that we must live by.

These are not insignificant appointments that are unworthy of your attention.

These appointed positions, and the people who fill them, are just as important to Americans as those who sit on the Supreme Court. In fact, given the more active, less-watched roles they play in political and regulatory matters that affect us, I feel justified in saying they’re quite significant, and just as worthy of your scrutiny before they assume power.

The ‘assistant’ moniker in many of these titles should not be considered an excuse to disregard them as trivial. Those in secondary tiers are often the next to fill the top positions. As such, their backgrounds and intentions deserve no less attention than those who fill the top posts, just as the candidate for Vice-President of the U.S. must be qualified to assume higher office if necessary.

Our president and his posse of czars, directors and legislators charge forward with costly and unconstitutional agendas. They do this despite the will of the governed, despite the outcry of the people, because they feel they ‘know what’s best for us.’

Simply look at the self-proclaimed credos and affiliations of those appointed by President Obama over the course of the past two years. Those with admitted admiration, and known association, of not only progressive or socialist icons, but individuals who actively push for greater restrictions on our unalienable rights. Rights which you swore to protect and defend when you took the oath of office as our senator.

I’m sure the president firmly believes he’s putting the right people in place to achieve a better America. Sadly, he has proven himself  tone-deaf to the beliefs and ideals of most Americans. His big-government-control vision for our country is a fast-track toward the kinds of governance suffered by eastern Europe during the Soviet Regime, the very same failed models that afflict that region today.

Without you standing in the gap for us, to intercede on our behalf, to relay and uphold the will of the people who elected you, our voices will continue to fall on tone-deaf ears.

Senator Alexander, your support and co-sponsorship of S.679 is no less than a slap in the face of the Tennesseans who sent you to Washington in our stead. We’ve trusted you to stand up for us. We expect you to do so.

Your actions now will be praised or cursed by our future generations. I’m asking you to please remove yourself as co-sponsor of S.679 today.

Further, I ask you to pull your support for this bill, and to follow through by voting ‘no’ on S.679.

If the task of reviewing presidential appointments is too bothersome for the senators sponsoring this dangerous legislation, be assured, there are plenty of worthy candidates who’d be glad to take over the job during the next election cycle.

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